Take Action With Acthar

Acthar is an FDA-approved, alternative treatment that has been shown to speed relief from MS relapse symptoms in adults. It can be self-administered whenever and wherever is right for you, per your doctor’s prescription. There is no evidence that Acthar affects the ultimate outcome or natural history of the disease.


Improved symptoms

In a clinical study, 70% of people treated with Acthar had improvement in symptoms at 1 week, compared with 49% of people treated with an inactive gel injection.

Improved disability

In the same study, 65% of people treated with Acthar showed improvements in disability at week 4, compared with 48% of people treated with inactive injection.


Improved vision

In one clinical study, MS-relapsing people treated for optic neuritis showed more quick and complete recovery of MS vision problems. At 1 year, 96% of those people showed improvement compared with 80% of people treated with an inactive gel injection.

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Acthar is injected beneath the skin or into the muscle. It should never be injected into a vein.

Acthar can cause side effects similar to those with steroid treatments. It can cause adrenal gland changes which may cause symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome.

People on steroids or with Cushing’s syndrome may experience: increased risk of infections; an increase in upper body fat, rounded “moon” face, bruising easily, or muscle weakness; increased blood pressure, body salt, and fluid; unpredictable response to vaccines; stomach or intestinal problems; changes in mood or behavior; worsening of other medical conditions; eye problems; or allergic reactions. Tell your doctor if you experience any of the above symptoms. Also tell your doctor about any other health problems you have and about all medicines you are taking.